Career Compass Virtual Workshop

This 3 hour virtual workshop combines the content of both online course, 'Choosing Your Ideal Career', and 'Planning to land your Ideal Job'


The course is suitable for anyone considering options for the direction of their career.  This includes students and mature workers looking for career change.

During the course you will complete exercises to:

  • Assess your own personality, using a proforma to create a ‘specification’ for your ideal job context

  • Identify activities you would like to be carrying out in your ideal job

  • Learn how to analyse job descriptions to assess which jobs would be likely to use the activities you enjoy, and meet your ‘specification’ for your ideal context

  • Create a 'hit list' of potential generic job sectors and roles that you may enjoy.

  • Learn how to analyse job descriptions to identify necessary and ‘sought after’ skills and experience that could make you a ‘good catch’

  • Learn the importance of building your network in your target job market, and skills and tips to achieve this

  • Build a plan to acquire the skills, experience and network to give you the best chance of a successful application for your target role

The virtual workshop will use Microsoft Teams: a link will be emailed to you when you register through Eventbrite.  I recommend to login using a computer or tablet, as I will be presenting slides.

Courses booked on demand- please contact me to register your interest