Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox


During my career as a manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry, I have seen how the performance of project teams is transformed when the individuals are in job roles where they are truly motivated.  I find huge personal satisfaction in both managing projects, but also helping individuals to find job roles where they will be motivated. 

Since 2014, alongside my 'day job' as a Project Manager,  I have taken on work as a Career Coach and have guided over 500 individuals to find job roles where they can spend more time doing what motivates them and what they enjoy. 

Life Compass Consulting

In 2017 I launched Life Compass Consulting so that I can spend more time on the work I most enjoy.  I achieve this through a portfolio career involving Project Management Consulting and Training, and Career Coaching- helping others to enhance their enjoyment of their lives!  I look forward to working with you and your teams!

'Taking my own medicine'

On a personal note, the methodology I use to coach others taught me that I was being held back in my own personal life by self-limiting beliefs about what I should and could do.  I decided to 'take the medicine I prescribe' and commit to the sporting challenges I had been dreaming of.  This purposeful commitment led me to successes beyond my wildest dreams- I now represent Team GB regularly in Triathlon in the European and World Championships!