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‘The best course I have attended in 7 years in this company’

What my clients say:

'A 1:1 career coaching session with Lisa has helped give me clarity and direction with regard to searching and applying for a new role. The discussion has organised my thoughts and given me the momentum to put into action the ideas and activities I need to proactively manage my career.'

Gary, Manufacturing Advisor

‘I am now contently working on what truly inspires me, where the gaps are and what I can do to address them.  I feel so much more contented and settled where I am today knowing that I am working on my future. 

Thank you so much!'

Nicky, IT Professional

'Lisa's help was invaluable in securing my new job.  She helped me prepare a professional cv, gave great advice on interview technique, and helped me to gain the confidence I needed to succeed in my interview.'


Senior Administrative Specialist

'Lisa designed and led a great workshop for my staff who will be made redundant in 2 years time.  The attendees got great insights into what they most want to do next in their careers, and left energised to start planning for this now.  The course definitely motivated them to action.'

John, Team Manager

'It's useful, but difficult, to sit back and have an objective look at your career and aspirations.  This course is full of useful ways to approach this in a strategic and logical manner'

Steph, Analytical Scientist

'The team training has made the team members more aware of each others communication styles, and what it takes to keep them motivated.  This led to some changes, both in and outside of meetings, resulting in improved team collaboration, and effectiveness of meetings.'

Teresa, Global Project Leader

'The career workshop was thoroughly engaging and really helped me to understand my goals and motivations. I especially appreciated the interactive group dynamic and the way Lisa drew from her own career history to provide relevant insight and clarity.' 

3 month follow up: ’Since attending the course, I have become more active in building and using my professional profiles and networks. I have also begun to take advantage of more opportunities around my research which give me experience and insight into associated areas, e.g. commercialisation and business experience ’’ 

David, PhD student

'Lisa gave great insights into our career motivation through a relatable yet professional style. By applying many different principles in an interactive manner and relating it back to her own experience, it was great to facilitate a discussion to really focus on what matters in our career and life- I found this highly valuable and quite unique. The Life Compass workshop allowed me to question some previous misconceptions about my goals, strengths and weaknesses as well as reaffirm my passion and take positive steps towards realising my career aspirations.'

Iwan, PhD student

Previous clients include: